About Us


RTM stands for Ready To Move. This refers to houses that are constructed at our site and moved to your site when completed. This term should not be confused with mobile or modular homes. Typically, our RTM’s are fully completed and delivered in one piece. Once on the foundation, the home requires very little to complete.

We certainly do. More and more people are finding great value in having their summer cottage built as an RTM. Finding qualified and reputable contractors or builders who have the time to take on your project is becoming more and more difficult especially when your site is in cottage country. The only important thing to identify is whether your site is suitable for moving a house in.

Absolutely! Not only do we have standard plans that you can choose from, but we can also design a custom-tailored plan that will suit your needs!

Every RTM will experience some minor cracks in the drywall during the move. These cracks are cosmetic and do not affect the structural integrity of your new home. Once your home is on the foundation we will schedule a time to come out and fix the wall cracks.

We leave the choice of foundation contractors up to you, but provide a foundation drawing that can be used by your contractor. Many types of foundations are acceptable such as Wood, Concrete or ICF (insulated concrete form).

Install basement stairs
Install the electrical service
Install the heating system
Finish the plumbing system (below joist level)
Install septic and water services

We are members of the Progressive Home Warranty program. This provides you with 1-year workmanship & material warranty and a 10-year structural warranty. Also, most of the products used in your new home will come with additional manufacturers’ warranties.

We are a CSA approved RTM builder. CSA has a strict quality control program that we must adhere to. On-site construction inspections are conducted on a daily basis.

We have an option to build your home to the drywall stage and this will then allow you to do all your interior finishing.

The movers we use are the best in the business and are fully insured. The customer is not liable for the home until it is placed on the foundation.

Moving costs will depend on the location and the size of the home that is being moved.

Quality Control – We have a dedicated supervisor that oversees the construction process. He does not spend his time driving from site to site. He spends his days in the yard, ensuring that the quality goes into your RTM. The tradespeople we use are extremely proud of the quality work they produce, and it shows just like our slogan “Where Quality Is Not A Compromise”.

Time-Saving – Building an RTM saves you time. Your foundation contractor can start your foundation while your home is being constructed. Typical on-site builds can take up to 12 months to complete. If all of your post-move work is well-coordinated, you should be in your new RTM home in 6 months (from the time you sign your contract).

No Surprises – The controlled environment in which we build your RTM allows us to accurately control the project costs. Therefore no overruns or surprise extra charges. What we quote you is what you pay unless you add extra items.
Cost Control – because we build your RTM in a controlled environment, we minimize theft, material delays, and travel time costs. This helps keep the cost of your RTM down.

Convenience – let us take care of the day to day details rather than dealing with the scheduling of several contractors on your own.

Yes, it can be, however it typically is more expensive to do then it would be for us to have the home prepped for the garage to be built once it arrives. This is due to the size of our homes. Moving with an attached garage can come with higher risks of travel cracks due to the length and weight of the home and garage. We recommend we work with you to prepare the house for the garage to be built on-site.